Climate change can be managed

(Internet Photo)

BY EDRICK BWAMBALE Uganda’s dream of reducing poverty through increased food production may go up in smoke due to the unpredictable weather patterns. We might all have noticed that the seasons for growing crops have changed drastically. In most parts of Uganda, rains now come later than expected and when they come, they are so destructive that they damage food production and the livelihoods of farmers. What is climate change? Every day, the sun, which is the main source of earth’s energy, emits rays of light to the earth’s surface.…

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How biotechnology differs from GMOs

BY EDRICK BWAMBALE At a time like this when Uganda’s agricultural productivity is at its lowest, it is important to debunk some myths about modern technology and how it can be adopted to enhance food production. The on-going debate on modern biotechnology is being wrecked by inaccurate narratives, and unfortunately many people assume that biotechnology is synonymous with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This is not the case. Biotechnology is the use of living things or their parts to develop useful products for mankind. Some biotechnological techniques date back to the…

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