Best wishes in New Year

(Cartoon by Stuart M)

It seems like yesterday when we were turning our calenders to 2016. Now the last issue of The Standard for this year is here! To the students who are starting their exams, our prayers are with you, for we know that your hard work will soon pay off. Those who made grave mistakes of not preparing well thus far, it is never too late. As long as you have not yet entered that examination room, there is still a chance to make amends. Read up on what you can in…

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The Insight: How to combat exam malpractice

BY JOHN VIANNEY AHUMUZA In the last issue, I wrote about the vice of exam malpractice and how it is orchestrated by students. I am grateful for the messages I have received so far, thanking me for the courage to educate the public about this. Today let me discuss the circumstances, on the part of the lecturers, that would cause the students to attempt to cheat in their exams. Inadequate coverage of the content. Course units must always be guided by course outlines. This in principle is the road map…

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Tips for handling exam pressure

(Internet Photo)

BY STAFF WRITER It is a few days to the final exams of this year and students should be in the final stages of preparation to sit for their papers. In this period you may experience tension and anxiety. This feeling has to be handled carefully   if    one    is to succeed. Many students wait for the last few days towards exams to have all the required data in the brain. This is a wrong mentality because it creates fear and panic. It will be very difficult for…

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The Insight: Note to exam invigilators

BY JOHN VIANNEY Recently, while walking in the UCU compound, there were two students ahead of me, one male, the other female. They were engaged in an interesting discussion that caught my attention, which I will dub, ‘How to successfully cheat during exams.’ This prompted me to move closer to them so I could hear more. I pretended to be busy on my phone while I listened in to the dialogue. The following interesting strategies were exposed by these two students on how to effectively cheat in the exams without…

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