Running increases your life span

(Internet Photo)

BY GABRIEL ISAAC OTUK Various studies indicate that running for 15 minutes per day can   increase one’s lifespan. According to a review research published by Mayo Clinic, running six miles per week improves one’s longevity by three to six years. It also improves weight management, and lowers blood pressure. Running also lowers individuals’ risk to certain forms of cancer such as prostate and colon cancer. Contrary to popular belief, running is associated with lower rates of joint diseases (osteoarthritis), and it often  reduces  the chances of people needing hip…

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A case for morning exercise discipline

BY PATTY HOUSTON HOLM At most there are 12 of us exercise disciples – out on the UCU running track, at 6.45 am when others are either sleeping or trying to beat the traffic outside of Mukono town. I suspect it is special too for the two guys who run together, never mind that they do so in sandals! Then there are the four Save-the-Mothers students encouraging each other at the parallel bars, the young woman jogging with ear buds, the male student jumping the concrete steps and even the…

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