Freshers cautioned on dress code

DOSA chooses her best dressed students during the Fresher’s Ball (Photo by Joel Osekeny)

The Director of Students Affairs (DOSA), Mrs Olive Ayo Birabi, met with guild officials and emphasized the dress code especially for first-year students. As the freshers prepared for their ball, Mrs Birabi said that some minimum standards were agreed upon, which the guild officials communicated to the new students. “Specifically, the students should desist from wearing short dresses or skirts, and very tight pants for the girls,” she said. During the induction lunch that took place on September 21, Birabi spoke about the accepted dress code at Uganda Christian University.…

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Perhaps you remember the time when you came in as a freshman too? The excitement, the look on your face as one gearing up for adventure, the new environment, and the freedom! It’s like they have conquered the world – that’s how they see it anyway. (Muffled giggles here – but the continuing students and staff instead see grand-greenness full on! Welcome all the same, dear freshers! Don’t mind us oldies! This edition’s excitement is not from the freshmen of the university but the ‘police freshman’. Apparently one newbie at…

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