Not every illness is malaria

BY GEOFFREY MULINDWA RWABAINGI Most people who visit the Allan Galpin Health Centre when sick usually have a high suspicion of having malaria. Paradoxically, after the relevant tests are done, the patients are told that they are free from malaria. These people express disappointment instead of relief yet malaria is serious and can cause death. Malaria is one of the causes of feeling unwell. However, in the tropical environment, there are several causes of such a feeling. Examples of these are flu or non-flu causing viruses like influenza, rhino and…

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Continuous medical education a necessity

Dr Edson Monday demostrates the use of an oxgyen concetrator to during the trainning at Allan Galpin (Courtsey Photo)

BY GEOFFREY RWABAINGI MULINDWA Continuous medical education (CME), also known as continuous professional development (CPD) is the process by which individual health care professionals maintain and improve their knowledge, skills, attitude and behavior. Research findings, knowledge and skills evolve every day. So it is important for professionals to keep updated. The aim of CME/ CPD is to support better practice, and should be embraced by all health care professionals. This includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, physiotherapists, among others. Continuous development has been proved to improve job performance, quality of…

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