Stop self-medication

  BY DOUGLAS OLUM Members of the Uganda Christian University (UCU) community have been urged to desist from the common practice of self-medication. Dr Godfrey Mulindwa, the UCU Director Medical Services, made this call while addressing staff and students during the community worship service of June 12, at Nkoyoyo Hall. “One of the greatest risks of this practice is misdiagnosis. You may treat malaria when you are actually suffering from another disease,” Dr Mulindwa said. “You also stand the risk of overdose when you do self medication. This may affect…

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Chaplaincy raises Shs2m for Nkoyoyo

(File Photo)

BY STAFF WRITER Former Archbishop Livingstone Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo needs prayers where he is admitted for treatment in the UK. Nkoyoyo was recently flown out of the country to the UK for specialised treatment after being ill for several months. By the time he left for UK, he could neither eat solid food nor drink normally and was mainly depending on fluids. Family sources said he had serious pain in the chest. The Standard learnt that he was diagnosed with cancer of the throat although the reports could not be verified. …

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