Dr Elizabeth Kizito Stirring creativity in agricultural students

(Internet Photo)

BY PATTY HOUSTON-HOLM On paper, the Ugandan chicken industry looks good. The Uganda Bureau of Statistics reported a 3.2 percent poultry production increase from 2011 to 2012. This means more local food, including eggs, and improved income for farmers. However, for a fourth year Uganda Christian University (UCU) student, Allan Dickson Mulepo, that’s not good enough. He is concerned that only 37 percent of each slaughtered chicken is used, with various parts going to waste. During a research proposal defense in UCU’s science lab, Dickson   Mulepo presented his research…

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A case for morning exercise discipline

BY PATTY HOUSTON HOLM At most there are 12 of us exercise disciples – out on the UCU running track, at 6.45 am when others are either sleeping or trying to beat the traffic outside of Mukono town. I suspect it is special too for the two guys who run together, never mind that they do so in sandals! Then there are the four Save-the-Mothers students encouraging each other at the parallel bars, the young woman jogging with ear buds, the male student jumping the concrete steps and even the…

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Vice presidential debate missed due to rat race

The rat trying to jump out of the toilet bowl (Photo by Patty Houston Holm)

BY PATTY HOUSTON HOLM I did not watch America’s live vice presidential debate because there was a rat in my toilet. Weird, I know! Let me tell you all about it. Four days prior to the CNN live broadcast, precisely at 4 a.m. on October 5, I knew it was there even before I saw it. My husband, who had conveniently left our UCU apartment for the United States hours before the rat took its toilet bowl swim, said he saw the tail waving from the bedsprings. But Meri, the…

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