Amongin new guild boss

Moreen Akatukunda campaign group (Photo by Fred Hidula)

BY BRIGHT NIWAHA Ms Prisca Amongin, a second-year Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance student, has scooped victory to the Uganda Christian University guild presidency, becoming the second female student leader ever in the university. The first female guild president in UCU was Blessed Mulungi (2014 – 2015). Amongin beat her only rival, Moreen Akatukunda, with a total of 1,463 votes, a 734 margin over Akatukunda’s 729 votes. Akatukunda is a a third-year law student. This victory comes after the 2016/17 guild elections that were held on November 2.…

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How to deal with stress

Stress can be defined as a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work, or anything in your environment. Such tension usually arises from our inability to manage certain factors in our environment, giving us a sense of not being in control, PRISCA AMONGIN writes. People react to situations differently, and stress levels vary from individual to individual. In this season of the semester when pressure is mounting from tests, courseworks and a lot of activities going on, it is important to know who you…

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