Heart attack on the rise

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BY ROSE RUTH AKONG The heart is the most important organ in the human body. So when it is unwell, it can be your worst friend. This organ is responsible for pumping blood to all body parts, which enables the proper functioning of the systems. “It is heart-breaking that he left us too soon and we noticed his problem too late. “The doctors did all they could to save him but all in vain as his heart had already stopped. The late David Anywar was my husband, a strong man…

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Don’t ignore that headache

BY ROSE RUTH AKONGO The World Health Organisation (WHO) fact sheet published in April 2016 shows that the prevalence rate of headaches among adults is 50 percent yearly. Further more, the report reveals that only a minority of people with headaches are diagnosed by a professional health care provider. It is a common habit for many people to ignore headaches without seeking medical attention. The same WHO report indicates that there are various types of headaches. Headaches are usually characterised by throbbing on one side of the head; and in…

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Why you need that sleep daily

BY ROSE RUTH AKONGO You probably have had one of those nights when you stare at the ceiling, or try to read a book to fall asleep, but all in vain. Insomnia (inability to sleep) is a condition where one fails to sleep even when one is supposed to rest the body. Having sleepless nights is a common occurrence that is caused by various factors. One’s lifestyle can lead to insomnia. For instance, spending a lot of time watching television, or playing video games can lead to lack of sleep….

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