Social media is crushing culture

BY DOREEN KAJERU Last Sunday, I was unintentionally 45 minutes early for church. Being the early bird I was, I looked for the most comfortable place to sit. But next to where I sat was a young man I didn’t greet. I love greeting and for the peace of my conscience, but I convinced myself that it wasn’t my fault not to have said hello to him. He had buried his head in the screen of his phone and also had ear-phones plugged into his ears. Clearly, he didn’t want…

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Social media becoming a workplace menace

BY SOLOMON MWIJE It is not a surprise that every ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ holds a smartphone. The smartphones are trendy and come with high-tech applications that catalyze easy communication,  often rendering the user addicted. The 2016 Global Media Research Report by Statista, says there are about 2.34 billion users of social media worldwide and these numbers are expected to rise tremendously to about 2.95 billion because of the current global social network penetration of 31 percent. As of 2016, over 1.71 billion people are actively using Facebook, 1 billion…

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Social media should not distract people during worship

(On The Shelves)

BY STAFF  WRITER Gone are the days when the only thing that Church   leaders    had to worry about was television and radio. Social media   has  now  proved to be a bigger distraction now, especially on millennials. While   this could be a heavy accusation, allow     me     to explain it with the help of Narcissus, of    the famous Greek mythology. Narcissus was a hunter known for his beauty. One day near a pool he saw his own reflection     in the water,…

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Grow your event Hashtag using the Twitter beam

(Internet Photo)

BY JIMMY MAWERERE I was one day amazed to find out that I could grow my Twitter community and also stream events with Twitter beam. As an IT practitioner, I always wondered how I would share the events I have been involved in, and monitor the thoughts of delegates, and yes, my search led me to Twitter beam. Using Twitter beam at your event is a great way to communicate with the attendees and get more exposure and publicity. The way it works is that a tweet wall is created…

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