We need unity after elections

(By Stuart Mwijuka)

This Advent Semester 2016/17 guild elections College, Bishop Barham Kampala Campus and at the main campus. However, by press time the campaigns in Arua Campus had been put on hold because of the controversial circumstances surrounding the eligibility of Felix Onzima, a diploma of theology student, to stand for president. Onzima’s bid contravenes Article 27(b) of the Guild Constitution of Uganda Christian University, which requires a student to have completed at least one academic year at the university before he or she qualifies to stand for this post. However, Onzima…

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There is no such thing as the perfect decision

BY ANN MUGUNGA “You must be looking forward to the new experience. Are you all-set to go now?” I asked my friend a day before she set off for her professional exchange trip to a foreign land. “No! Actually now that the day is here, I am not sure I want to go any more. I do not want to be away from the family for so long,” she sighed. This reaction was a far cry from the fighter spirit of a woman excited to finally make it to the…

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Graduands ought to be more proactive

Today UCU is sending you off to the labour market. Congratulations! Pause and reflect on the fact, however, that many have graduated  before you and  are still  in the struggle  of looking for jobs, especially  the  white-collar ones. The job market in Uganda requires fast, enterprising and energetic people. That means you cannot afford to sit on your laurels either. The above situation has been blamed on many factors, including government’s inability to create jobs for the youth, but you should not join the game. Be creative. Grab every chance…

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