University staff arrested, charged over food theft

Some of the stolen chicken

BY DOUGLAS OLUM At least three members of staff of Uganda Christian University (UCU) have been arrested and charged with theft. The trio, who are casual labourers at the dining hall, are: Emmanuel Mwesigwa (cook), Juma Kyaterekera (netball coach and former kitchen staff) and Joseph Banamwita (kitchen mini-store keeper). According to security sources, Mwesigwa, Kyaterekera and Mathias Emillo were found in illegal possession of a 50-kilo bag of rice, a 20-litre jerrycan of cooking oil and 12 dressed chicken. The items are suspected to have been stolen from the kitchen…

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Student linked to projector thefts

Paying the price of criminal acts

      DOUGLAS OLUM Uganda Christian University (UCU) Security on Saturday, June 16 arrested a student suspected to be behind the disappearance of projectors from several lecture rooms. Moses Hilary Garang Deng, a South Sudanese second year student of Bachelor of Business Administration, was allegedly caught trying to take the projector from M1 lecture room on the Marie Lecture Block. According to Flugensia Nakajubi, the security officer who arrested Deng, she heard the sound of the lecturers’ podium being dragged on the floor and rushed to the room where…

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Is theft a cancer slowly eating up the students?

Sometimes theft can be a predisposed gene which may cost us jobs if not checked (Internet photos)

I n 2016, The Standard ran a story about four missing computers and two projectors from both the faculties of Business Administration and Social Sciences. This semester the university has lost two projectors to theft. In 2015, the Mass Communication department was robbed and three cameras, a photo printer, storage devices and internet access equipment were also lost. From 2017 so far five projectors have been stolen. According to the procurement department a Dell projector costs  around Shs5 million, and if one is to monetize the loss of five projectors,…

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