Grace and mystery in a UCU classroom

By Thomas Froese The short story “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” is a story taught in my literature class at UCU. It’s written by esteemed American writer Flannery O’Connor. At its end, the grandmother, a character in a lady-like flowery dress, is shot three times in the chest. It’s a horrible and violent death. The rest of her family had already been killed. It doesn’t first seem like a promising way to share the good news that believers around the world hold so dear. But O’Connor, a devout Catholic,…

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Froese: Pioneer and mentor of The Standard

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On  May 7 this year, The Standard will mark 10 years of existence. As a way of celebrating that success, untill then every issue, we shall run a story of one of the persons who have worked here since  the launch. This week, we start with TOM FROESE, the journalist who founded the newspaper. He shares his  story with Agatha Muhaise and Elizabeth Amongin Dawn of the Standard In March 2006, Prof Stephen Noll, the   then vice-chancellor of UCU, called Froese to   his  offic e and told him…

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No shortcuts to first-rate media training, practice

BY THOMAS FROESE If you are a faithful reader of this publication you will recall a recent report that Uganda’s government is so enamoured with what The Standard is doing that it now wants to do the same, that is train journalists. Okay, he didn’t mention The Standard per se, but the Minister of Information, ICT and Communications, Frank Tumwebaze, did say recently what we already know: that there are simply not enough decent reporters and editors and news producers in the entire land. The government, he claims, can help. It…

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