VC asks government to intervene on Ntawo

(Photo by Alex Taremwa)

BY AGATHA MUHAISE Dr John Senyonyi, the vice chancellor of Uganda Christian University (UCU),has called upon the government to help with the problems the university is facing with squatters on the land in Ntawo. During the third part of the Seventh Graduation ceremony that took place at the main campus’ new Recreation Ground on October 21, Senyonyi clarified that UCU Holdings, a not-for-profit company of the university, is the rightful owner of the one-square-mile piece of land in Ntawo that has recently been taken over by squatters. “The university has…

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Are we a nation averse to tidiness?

BY DOREEN KAJERU “An airtime voucher is so light and small to worry about. If I drop it anywhere, it will get eroded or blown away,” many of us think as we discard the used vouchers carelessly. Littering can be defined as dropping rubbish and disposable material on the ground, grass or any place that is not designated as a rubbish disposal area or bin. All over Uganda, one cannot help but notice rubbish dropped at people’s gates, beside the road and in the trenches. Beautiful gardens, sports fields, classrooms,…

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Not every illness is malaria

BY GEOFFREY MULINDWA RWABAINGI Most people who visit the Allan Galpin Health Centre when sick usually have a high suspicion of having malaria. Paradoxically, after the relevant tests are done, the patients are told that they are free from malaria. These people express disappointment instead of relief yet malaria is serious and can cause death. Malaria is one of the causes of feeling unwell. However, in the tropical environment, there are several causes of such a feeling. Examples of these are flu or non-flu causing viruses like influenza, rhino and…

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We are meant to obey the Great Commission

BY ALFRED OLWA Evangelisation had gone on for a century in Europe before the first missionaries arrived at the court of Kabaka Muteesa I in Uganda. Within 25 years, Uganda had become one of the most successful mission fields on the African continent. The Great Commission was given to the disciples to take the Gospel to all the nations, baptizing and teaching them, with the assurance that Christ would be with them even to the end of the age (Matthew 28:18–20). This is why we do not see taking the…

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1,589 students graduate

Past graduands at the new Recreation Grounds (File Photo)

44 get first class degrees BY AGATHA MUHAISE Uganda Christian University (UCU) is sending off 1,589 graduates, during the third part of its 17th graduation. This time most of these – 900 – are female, including the best student overall, Fiona Nakibuuka, with a remarkable GPA of 4.82 in Bachelor of Community Health. Theceremonyistaking place at the main campus’s new Recreation Grounds in Mukono. It will cater for students from the Kampala campus, Arua campus and the main campus at Mukono. Out of the 1,589 graduands, 44 have attained first-class…

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Bakonjo crowned 2016 Cultural Gala champions

performance during the cultural gala (Photo by Bright Niwaha)

BY BRIGHT NIWAHA Kasese UCU Students’ Association has been crowned winners of the 2016 Cultural Gala. The competition took place on October 15 in Nkoyoyo Hall. Based on the theme: “Culture for holistic development,” the gala had various activities including folk songs, plays, cultural dress exhibitions, and cultural dance. The participants were evaluated for timekeeping, relevance, creativity, uniqueness, among others. A total of 15 cultural groups were involved in the event. These were: the Basamya Bagwe, Banyarwanda, Bamasaba, Bafumbira, Lugbara, Kakwa, Iteso, Banyakigezi, Batooro, Banyankole, Bakonjo, Baganda Nkobazambogo, Acholi, Langi,…

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Mind your posture while you drive

An image showing the right and wrong sitting postures while driving (Internet Photo)

It is often possible, when looking for the cause of back of neck pain, to ignore one’s behavior while driving. But the causes of discomfort behind the wheel are many, including poor posture, poor seat design, and bad road conditions. Here is how to ensure that you seating safely in your car: Start with a car that fits your body. When shopping for your car, look out for seats that allow you to adjust the height and angle independent of one another. Get one with an adjustable steering wheel, and…

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Are you in control of your health?

The chief donor, Mrs Tezirah Sebaggala, undergoes tests for blood donation at the Netball Court (Photo by Doreen Kajeru)

BY DOREEN KAJERU As Uganda marked her 54th independence anniversary on October 9 this year, Uganda Christian University commenced the Health Awareness Week under the theme, “Your lifestyle and your health: are you in control?” The week, which was spearheaded by the Counselling department supported by Allan Galpin Healthcare Centre, focused on addressing issues of alcohol and other drug use sensitization. Topics of discussion included the impact of alcohol and other drugs, the role of the family in helping addicts, overcoming addiction, addictions and your health, hope after dependence and…

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A peaceful, joyful weekend with Will Graham

Rev Dr Will Graham preaches to thousands during the Peace and Joy Celebrations which ended on July 24 at Uganda Christian University (Photo by Roy Nickel)

BY ALEX TAREMWA “I am glad I found you,” proclaimed Will Graham as he scanned the crowd that filled the highly guarded Uganda Christian University (UCU) old sports grounds on Friday July 22, 2016. William Franklin Graham IV, popularly known as Will Graham, is a grandson to the legendary Billy Graham and an associate evangelist with the Billy Graham Evangelist Association. William, who is also the executive director of the Billy Graham Training Center was visiting Uganda on one of the association’s outreaches dubbed “Peace and Joy Celebrations” organised by…

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