Why the VC visits various departments

BY CALEB TUGUMETWINAMATSIKO The uniqueness of Uganda Christian University (UCU) is exhibited in various ways and the vice chancellor’s visits to all departments, both academic and administrative, is one of those. Having completed my undergraduate studies without interacting with my faculty dean, leave alone the vice chancellor, it was inconceivable to me that the vice chancellor would be interested in visiting all the departments in the university, amidst a characteristically busy schedule. It was during my postgraduate training that I occasionally saw my vice chancellor, partly because even though I was…

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Chancellor warns against university land grabbing

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali interacts with Maj David Matovu, the Mukono Resident District Commissioner, at Ntawo on the occasion the bishops were attacked by squatters in August (File Photo)

BY RONALD AWANY The Archbishop of the Church the Uganda and Chancellor of Uganda Christian University, the Most Rev Stanley  Ntagali, has urged the people of Arua against grabbing land from the church.  “You are selfish and greedy. You are only looking at yourself and ignoring others and that is why you are spiritually lame and your morals are decayed,” the chancellor told students, staff, elders and community members during community worship. Ntagali was on a two-day pastoral visit to the campus, November 21-22. The chancellor was accompanied by the…

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What if Christ had not been born

1 John 1.1-4 Rev Canon Dr John Senyonyi Vice Chancellor All religions thrive and survive on two notions: historical accuracy and the validity of their stated revelation. Many claim to be rooted in history, or in a founder who is a historical figure and who claimed to ‘hear’ from God or a god. If the two beliefs are fuzzy, so will the foundation on which the religion stands. I read about an atheist in South Carolina, USA, who was suing the State for denying him permission to register his personalised…

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Ransomed from sin

Romans 6.1-23 By Rev Canon Dr John Senyonyi Vice Chancellor It is reported, “In 1838, on the night when the slaves were set free in Jamaica, a large mahogany coffin was made and a grave was dug. Into that coffin, the liberated slaves threw the reminders of their former life of slavery: whips, torture irons, branding irons, coarse frocks and shirts, large hats, fragments of a treadmill, and handcuffs. Then the lid of the coffin was screwed down. At the stroke of midnight, the coffin was lowered into the grave…

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Uganda a refuge in the region – Odong

Odong speaks to the media at UCU (Photo by Doreen Kajeru)

BY DOREEN KAJERU Uganda’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Lt Gen Jeje Odong, has said that the country is a refuge in the Great Lakes region. “The role of Uganda is to provide security to the refugees. As long as we are able to do that, we would have made our contribution to giving a sense of continuity to the lives of the victims,” he said. While addressing the Peace and Reconciliation Conference of the Great Lakes Region, held on November 1, at the Bishop Tucker School of Divinity and Theology,…

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Spiritual amnesia: Remember to count your blessings

 (Numbers 13:25-33) BY REV CANON DR JOHN SENYONYI VICE CHANCELLOR Amnesia is the state of forgetfulness or blankness of the mind, when memory recall fails. As people grow old, their memory strength slackens – at some point doctors call it dementia. Sometimes I go through the torture of remembering a person’s name. Unfortunately, Ugandans have not learned the helpful habit of saying, “Hello, my name is …”! But there is another form of amnesia that torments all generations. It is the blankness of our good times when facing the bad times!…

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A peaceful, joyful weekend with Will Graham

Rev Dr Will Graham preaches to thousands during the Peace and Joy Celebrations which ended on July 24 at Uganda Christian University (Photo by Roy Nickel)

BY ALEX TAREMWA “I am glad I found you,” proclaimed Will Graham as he scanned the crowd that filled the highly guarded Uganda Christian University (UCU) old sports grounds on Friday July 22, 2016. William Franklin Graham IV, popularly known as Will Graham, is a grandson to the legendary Billy Graham and an associate evangelist with the Billy Graham Evangelist Association. William, who is also the executive director of the Billy Graham Training Center was visiting Uganda on one of the association’s outreaches dubbed “Peace and Joy Celebrations” organised by…

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