The case for student leadership

For the first time ever in the history of Uganda Christian University, the race for guild president comprises only female candidates.

Although in education institutions in Uganda the female student numbers are higher than the male, such a race is a rare phenomenon. Is it an indication that now the female species has woken up to the importance of taking on such a major role, and the male are acknowledging their counterparts’ worth?

Whatever the case may be, the fact still remains that such positions require commitment and hard work from the office bearers.

Those that seek leadership should consider the kind of legacy they would like to leave, and not self- seeking politicians. They should earnestly think about the electorate and not take their trust for granted.

So as the new guild leaders take oath, our hope is that they will be innovative, and implement policies that benefit the entire community. Remember, not everyone will agree with your policies or work methods, but as long as you are transparent and honest, your legacy will speak for itself.

Work for the good of all, listen to others and be approachable, and make decisions based on the established values of the university. Do not go by majority agitation simply for the sake of pleasing them, but labour for posterity.

Remember, leadership does not stop at the university. When you lead selflessly now, it will be easy for the people out in the community to vote for you as a leader again in future. Now that UCU has given you the platform to lead and effect change, take this as an opportunity to transform it and prepare well for those who will come after you.

Congratulations to all the newly elected student leaders!

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