The Insight: Note to exam invigilators


Recently, while walking in the UCU compound, there were two students ahead of me, one male, the other female. They were engaged in an interesting discussion that caught my attention, which I will dub, ‘How to successfully cheat during exams.’

This prompted me to move closer to them so I could hear more. I pretended to be busy on my phone while I listened in to the dialogue.

The following interesting strategies were exposed by these two students on how to effectively cheat in the exams without provoking an invigilator’s intuition; and I hope that exam invigilators will take note:

  •  Phone apps: This was fronted as one of the most effective. The culprit sneaks into the examination room with a smart phone and takes either a photo of the question or uses voice search options to whisper a question into the phone application, and the answer is revealed automatically!
  •  Summary papers: I learnt that some summary papers are planned and prepared ahead of time, folded several times into tiny pieces, and hidden by the ladies in their bras.
  •  Passbooks: Students are aware that some invigilators focus only on the  two main pages namely one with the student’s photo and another one with the stamp. The rest of the pages are left unattended. These are the ones where question-and-answer clues are hidden.
  •  One student, one question approach: The crew revealed further that in some cases, a team of about four students decide to spot a number of topics. During exams the four sit together. When one does a number, they pass information to another. No wonder, sometimes students curse invigilators who relocate them from their sitting place of choice in an examination room.
  • Thigh strategy: The lady in the dialogue mentioned how the male invigilators in UCU, being a Christian university, are scared of ladies who ‘sit badly’ in exams. She boasted that her secret weapon is to note down points on the thighs and sit with her legs very far apart, which makes invigilators flee her zone in fear of committing sin!
  • Under the skirt/dress/trousers strategy: Some students write notes on papers and stick them under their garments, especially skirts. It is obviously hard to suspect anything hidden under such areas.
  • The knickers/underpants strategy: This was discussed as the worst approach. Apparently the students execute this trick under the guise of going for short calls. After an hour or two during the examination, such students request for short calls. They ably enter the toilets and scoop papers out of these zones and revise for about five minutes before they come back to the examination room.
  •  Writing in shoes: Some students write inside their shoes, which they then take off during the exam, pretending to be feeling hot!

I moved around the university compound in circles, closely trotting behind these students, but at this point I had to enter the University Chapel for meditation.

I recalled the last part of the Lord’s Prayer that advises us not to lead each other into temptation but rather ask that we be delivered from evil. I knelt down and asked God to deliver all intending exam cheats, and give them the grace to work for good grades on merit.

So I end this note to invigilators, and thank the Lord Jesus for delivering us from the evil and giving us the confidence to work hard and be diligent instead.

The writer is a lecturer at the Foundations Studies Department

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