The Insight: Taming a new year to prosperity in 2017


January marks yet the beginning of another year in our life time. One cannot imagine how time runs as just in a twinkle of an eye 2016 closed.

However, reaching the end of a year and joining a new one is not as easy as cutting a birthday cake. Many of our colleagues, like Mathias Nsubuga, a prominent national politician did not  cross.

In that vein, I took the end of last year seriously and even celebrated it in style. I joined my family upcountry in Rukungiri to celebrate 2016 and welcome 2017. The celebrations were memorable and will remain fresh on my mind for quite some time.   

My Christmas journey was purposeful. My wife and I used the time to lay out our investment priorities for 2017. We also discovered new ideas to pursue as we traversed the village. During this time, we reflected on a number of things, which we could capitalise on to live a good life.

We also discovered that an ideal life requires a radical and aggressive master plan evaluated constantly every end of  year. This is because as families keep expanding, they need to have a plan.  This plan requires consultations.

As Socrates noted, a good life is one spent in pursuit of virtues. He also noted that a true virtue is the mean between two extremes.

But to achieve that in life, there are dos and don’ts. For example, let us avoid wasting time discussing what we consider to be other people’s failures. Let’s grasp every available opportunity laid before us whether visible or invisible.

A story is told of a king who had one beautiful daughter and because of the love he had for her, he vowed that any man to ever marry her would have to swim through a pool in his compound that was full of crocodiles from one end to the other.

Men of all calibres tried in vain and were consumed by the crocodiles. The whole kingdom gave up on the task. However, there was a man who at one time wanted to see the king for help.

One day, the  man came to the king’s compound. As he was walking past the crocodile pool, one envious royal guard approached him from behind and pushed him into the crocodile pool.

The man struggled, falling from one crocodile to the other with his heart in the mouth, shouting for help.

People gathered around the pool watching drama as they were convinced he was finished. Alas, the man managed to outplay  crocodiles and crossed to the other side of the pool!

The king was watching the drama from a point on the palace balcony and rushed down stayers to congratulate this hero upon the success. He declared in a loud voice that this was the suitor to take his daughter.

The man shouted that he was not interested in the King’s daughter but only wanted to know who had pushed him in the pool to revenge! What the man didn’t know was that he was losing a very good opportunity that would lead him to the man who had pushed him!

The lesson from this story is that never lose focus in life because some opportunities are not in the open.

The writer is a lecturer in the Foundations Studies Department

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