The rules of buttoning a suit jacket


Very often men find themselves in the dilemma of what they are expected to do with the buttons of their suit jackets. They are torn between buttoning them or not buttoning them. They wonder when to leave them open and when to fasten then up.

The vast majority of men who violate these rules do so because they do not wear a suit regularly. But the rules are actually very simple.  All you need to note is the number of buttons that are on your jacket.

There are four major types and they include, one-button, two-button, three-button, and double-breasted jacket. Once you have this sorted out, here are the only rules you need to know:

The one-button jacket

This one is easy. The button should be fastened while standing and undone when you sit down. Leaving it buttoned can stress the fabric, wearing out the suit, and can also make the jacket feel a bit uncomfortable. Relax and loosen that button once you have a seat.

This suit is traditionally an evening wear design, and is often cut longer than other types of suits. Keeping the button fastened, especially when you are standing, maintains a balanced proportion.

The two-button jacket

The top button is all you need to pay attention to. Fasten it while standing, and you can loosen it while seating, or leave it fastened according to how comfortable you feel. The key note is that the two-button jacket should never have both buttons fastened, and it is always the top button.

If you insist and button both top and bottom, it will make you look like you don’t know what you’re doing, and also create an illusion of a bulging waist line.

The three-button jacket

The three-button suit comes with a simple rule: “sometimes, always, never.” It means you should sometimes fasten the top button (if you feel like it), always fasten the middle button, and never button the third.

Many three-button suits are not made to be buttoned on the top and the lower button is almost always in a position where it restricts movement.

The double-breasted jacket

These jackets are hitting the fashion runways more often lately. It’s only safe to know how to deal with it even through your first reaction maybe that it is old-fashioned. Fasten every button save for the bottom button, though even here there is some leeway. If you plan to leave some buttons undone, it is most traditional to fasten the top button.

It is not really life-threatening to remember all these rules. However,  if you are in a job interview, meeting, or a potential date, a man should always dress to impress. Because enough people know the rules for buttoning a jacket, it’s best to get it right.

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