The youth most morally vulnerable


The Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Fr Simon Lokodo, has advised the students of Uganda Christian University to join the fight against the increasing moral decadence that is eating up the youth in the country.

While addressing the students during the community worship gathering in Nkoyoyo Hall on March 28, Fr Lokodo said that insensitivity has unfortunately destroyed the pillars of good statesmanship in Uganda, eroding the traditional cultures, making the youth vulnerable to moral decadence.

“A lot of manifestations like high levels of indiscipline, arrogance, disrespect, abortion, trans-gender sexual behaviour, and homosexuality are eating up morality in the youth, all in the name of human rights.

“Therefore, as a ministry, we call upon students to be the ambassadors of integrity right from the university and the communities around,” Lokodo said.

Kelvin Balyebuga, a member of the UCU Integrity Ambassadors’ Club, said students have partnered with the ministry to instil the spirit of integrity among the youth to fight one of the biggest vices that has eaten up Uganda.

“I believe that we cannot just fight corruption from the top. It is something one can deal with from the grassroots. We have joined the move to sensitise the public about the dangers of corruption by engaging the students on what they think about the way forward to end this vice,” Balyebuga said.

Lokodo was the guest speaker  at the anti-corruption dialogue held in K2 at Uganda Christian University on that occasion.

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