Three set to contest for guild presidency at BBUC


Three students have had their candidature for guild president at Bishop Barham University College (BBUC), confirmed.

The three are: Jacob Ampeire, a second- year student pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and former minister of Social Culture and Entertainment; David Kule Nzerebende, second-year student of Bachelor of Business Administration; and Christopher Atukwasa pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.

According to the Chairperson Electoral Commission BBUC, Dan Owoyesiga, four candidates applied for leadership and met the requirements for the contest. However, Alex Byamukama, a second- year student of Bachelor of Environment and Disaster Management, was eliminated in the vetting process after failing to convince the panel.

Owoyesiga says that Byamukama was not ready for the contest because he failed to give an account of why he wanted to be president. More so, he said that he supports a national political party, a position contrary to the university constitution. By October 28, the three remaining candidates had successfully gone through the whole process and were ready to campaign.

The three can now campaign officially as per the Electoral Commission road map and later participate in the debate slated for November 10. The open rally will then be held on November 11, and will be crowned with the announcement of the new guild president.

Student expectations

  • Vastine Mugabirwe, BBA II: “I would likethe next presidentto change much in the university and he should audibly represent the student body.”
  • Don Jatim Morris, BAMCIII: “I expect the guild president to restore community hour since it was scrapped yet it was a platform where students discussed issues affecting them. His leadership should also be accountable to us.”
  • Pamela Tushabomwe, BSWSA I: “I need a guild president who can easily link the administration to us, the students. He should be able to implement and add on what the past leadership has done. My vote is going to someone who is also good at public speaking.”
  • Edwin Mercy Tumwakire, BPAM III: “I need a guild president who will respect maximum involvement of the community in decision-making, and I will vote for anyone who can convince me that he is standing on his own and is ready to serve.”
  • Christine Aikirize, BSWASA I: “The guild president should try to construct a big TV watching room and react positively to student’s issues.”

About the candidates

  1. David Kule Nzerebende was born on October 24, 1993 in Kasese District. He went to school at Unique Model Primary School, Mbarara High School, and Buddo Senior Secondary School.
  2. Jacob Ampeire was born on February 15, 1995 in Kanungu District. He attended Kirima Parents Primary School, Kinkiizi High School, and Bubare Secondary. At BBUC he has so far served as the assistant minister for Culture and Entertainment under the current administration and also publicity secretary, Kabale District Guild Leaders Association.
  3. Christopher Atukwatse was born on February 7, 1994 in Rukungiri District. He went to Kebisoni Integrated Primary School and Bishop

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