Tips for handling exam pressure


It is a few days to the final exams of this year and students should be in the final stages of preparation to sit for their papers. In this period you may experience tension and anxiety. This feeling has to be handled carefully   if    one    is to succeed.

Many students wait for the last few days towards exams to have all the required data in the brain. This is a wrong mentality because it creates fear and panic. It will be very difficult for you to focus and understand any concept in such a state of mind. Here are a few guidelines to help you through as you prepare for the exams:

  • Get enough sleep

This is not the time for becoming a bookworm. The last days before exams require a fresh mind. This will help you understand better without feeling dizzy or tired. Sleep has a major role because it enables the body and brain to rest. If you spend nights without sleep, it will be difficult for you to concentrate throughout your revision during the day.

  • Take enough water

Since your brain is at work for almost the entire time in the exam room, you will need to take water to avoid headaches. Many people have failed to adopt the habit of taking water and that is why headaches are common. When you get a headache the thinking capacity will be impaired. So get used to taking water frequently.

  • Abstain from junk food

The food you eat during this period has a great impact on your energy levels. Avoid foods that will drain your energy. Have more energy giving foods to boost up your energy. Eat a balanced diet; and treat yourself well by taking regular breaks between reading sessions.

  • Find a comfortable reading spot

The library may be a better reading spot for particular people, but others find it intimidating. As you prepare for the final exams, find a comfortable spot with limited or no distractions. It is not a must that you should read from the library every day.

  • Hide that movie collection

Do not be tempted to watch the latest movie now. Keep them as far from sight as you can. The more you watch series, the more interesting it will become. Remember you do not have a lot of time. It may become difficult for you to recall what you read if your mind is focused on entertainment instead of serious reading work.

  • Organise your exam requirements early

Check that your identity card and all other necessities are in order. Do no wait for the day of the first exam and start looking for your passbook. This is will disorganise you, and such disorganisation may reflect in your exam paper.

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