UCU hosts police games


  • 8 African country police forces will be participating in the games

Uganda Christian University (UCU) is hosting the East African Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO) Games from August 24 to 29 at the New Recreational Grounds.

The inaugural event is part of the 19th EAPCCO Annual General Meeting (AGM) of 2017.

EAPCCO is a police chiefs’ cooperation founded in 1998 with only Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Today, it comprises 13 member countries: Burundi, Comoros, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Seychelles, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda, with Democratic Republic of Congo aspiring to join the cohort.

The national police chiefs of these countries hold annual meetings in various member countries, the last meeting having been in Kigali, Rwanda.

It is here that it was resolved that Uganda host the next AGM and the first ever EAPCCO Games this year.

As the host, the Uganda Police Force, with the assistance of the President of the Uganda Olympics Committee, William Blick, secured UCU as the venue for the games.

“We must promote our indigenous institutions and UCU is a fast-growing one with the perfect student after-class experience. There is ample space for the planned games and the number of people we expect.

“And secondly, the vice chancellor and the rates were friendly. By choosing this place we save over Shs250 million, than if we have chosen a commercial place,” Assistant Inspector General of Police, and Director Interpol and International Relations, Fred Yiga, said this week during an exclusive interview with The Standard.

Yiga further said that since the games were going to be held under the theme “Promoting community policing and regional cooperation through sports,” UCU provided a perfect location for linking the police with the community.

The Vice Chancellor, Dr John Senyonyi, during a press conference at UCU on August 22, noted that these would not be the first games to be held at these grounds, citing the Eastern Africa University Games, and the Inter-university Games, but this remains a prideful event for the university.

“For us to host this event is going to be a showcase of what the university can offer, not only at national level but at international level,” Dr Senyonyi said. He assured the Inspector General of Police, General Kale Kayihura, that all facilities were ready especially the stadium already inspected by police, and the security tight.

Kayihura also thanked UCU for accepting to host the games.

Uganda being the country with the sitting chairperson of the committee (Gen Kayihura), they held this sports event as a system to promote policing in communities.

In this year’s AGM, they will be looking for ways to combat cross-border crime like human trafficking and terrorism. He also called upon the media to highlight the new police activities that have been put in place to fight crime like the Mayumba Kumi (ten households) initiative.

The teams for the games will be made up of police officers competing in the marathon, athletics, taekwondo, netball, volleyball, shooting, boxing, and football.

However, out of the 13 member countries, only eight will be participating in the games.

These are Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

Upon completion of the games, other programmes have been lined up for the AGM. First will be the National Central Bureau Meeting at the Commonwealth Speke Resort Muyonyo on September 10. This will be followed by the Police Chiefs  Council meeting between  September 11 to 12.

Then a police chiefs retreat on September 13, and a general meeting on September 14. It will be concluded on September 15 with a meeting of the council of relevant ministers.

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