University security now tight

According to the DPC Mukono Police Station, Rogers Seguya, the Uganda Christian University (UCU) security department may need to tighten up on measures to ensure the safety of the university community.

“Following the terrorist threats that are faced by the community lately, yesterday (September 11) I tried to cross-check with the security at the campus gates and I was disappointed on discovering that it is not as tight as I thought it should be,” said Seguya.

“I wanted to see how serious the university security is. So I sent through one of my colleagues dressed casually and carrying a pistol with him. I was, however, shocked and disappointed when he was not detected, and he went through the check easily.”

“To me that is a sign that the university security is still lacking. The person I sent entered through the Tech Park Gate and exited the university through the.

Main Gate with a lot of ease and minimum checking.”

On September 12 during community worship, the DPC made an announcement alerting the UCU fraternity about the terrorist threats facing the main campus.

“Terrorists have been targeting Christian institutes and it has been confirmed that UCU is one

of those institutions that are targeted,” he said.

Be alert

Seguya committed to reinforcing the security of the university going forward, and called upon all community members to be on a look out for any unusual occurrences

around them.
“Look out for any strange

and new faces on and around the campus premises. We shall also be doing our part as police. If this is done, I guarantee you we shall be able to curb these terrorist attacks and threats,” he added.

Vice Chancellor John

Senyonyi also urged the community to be vigilant and to help the police further.

“Use your eyes and report any unusual things you see around you,” Senyoyi said.

Students were also advised to reduce their night movements to avoid any instances of being jailed or harmed by terrorists.

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