VC urges against defaming UCU


The Vice Chancellor of Uganda Christian University has urged staff members to desist from joining enemies of the institution in slandering and negatively criticising it.
Dr. John Senyonyi appealed to staff to exercise maximum restraint and responsibility when representing the university during interaction with outsiders.
“Some people might be criticising the university because they don’t have full information. Joining them to criticize or slander it is in itself a way of actually shooting yourself in the foot,” Dr. Senyonyi said.
He made the remarks on Friday, August 2, during this year’s Staff Day. The event, held at Main Campus in Mukono, was organised by the Directorate of Human Resource and Administration in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank.
“As a university, we have won a lot of accolades out there, but it all depends on us to maintain our good name. It is everyone’s responsibility to market the university, not necessarily the Communication and Marketing Department to do that job,” he said.

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