Walk the talk


Pioneer students graduating from the Muungwana Leadership Mentoring Programme under the African Youth Leadership Forum (AYLF), have been called upon to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, and walk their talk.

The challenge was made by the co-founder, patron and mentor of AYLF, Tim Kreutter, while presiding over the leadership’s mentoring programme graduation on November 25 in Principal’s Hall.

Kreutter stressed that through the training, young people are equipped with skills on working to bring love, healing and reconciliation across all the divisions that exist in the region.

These divisions are along religious, ethnic, national, political, economic and gender lines.

“All of you have a huge range of possibilities as to what you shall become in this life time. However, these possibilites are determined by an infinite number of factors. Some of those factors you cannot control, but never forget that you and your decisions are the greatest creative force in your life,” he said.

The AYLF Regional Coordinator, Allan Shepherd, said that the programme runs within East Africa and its neighbouring countries, and aims at exposing students to leadership skills, a gap which many institutions have neglected.

“This programme equips students with skills that help them to engage in public leadership.

Through relationships built, students get peer mentorship and are able to reach out to other young people,” Shepherd said.

A total of 68 students graduated from the leadership programme.

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