We need unity after elections

This Advent Semester 2016/17 guild elections College, Bishop Barham Kampala Campus and at the main campus.

However, by press time the campaigns in Arua Campus had been put on hold because of the controversial circumstances surrounding the eligibility of Felix Onzima, a diploma of theology student, to stand for president.

Onzima’s bid contravenes Article 27(b) of the Guild Constitution of Uganda Christian University, which requires a student to have completed at least one academic year at the university before he or she qualifies to stand for this post.

However, Onzima wants to fall back on his incomplete year of study for the certificate in theology. It is reported that he has since gone on a politicking rage, storming radio stations and threatening to disorganize the elections if he is not allowed to contest.

In this period therefore, we call for calm, reason and restraint. Ultimately a solution must be sought for Onzima’s case, and university policy should be followed.

On a brighter note, The Standard congratulates all successful candidates from all campuses, upon their election. During the elections there may have been cases of extreme politicking and intrigue, which could have brought personal differences to the fore but in this post-election period, we have to move forward in reconciliation.

Making peace with one’s opponents is a demonstration of mature leadership. Winner or loser, you all have to harness unity in the UCU community.

We salute Moreen Atukunda for her modesty in publicly congratulating her rival and winner of the main campus presidency, Prisca Amongin, and pledging to work with her.

All new leaders, former and future contestants, should learn from this tremendous example and make UCU politics the high standard from which all in the country seek inspiration.

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