Who determines your worth?


Life as people know it can get quite challenging, tough and absolutely mind-boggling! It presents to us with many situations, many of which are curve balls leading us to crossroads we never knew existed.

The common proverb, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” must have been derived after a face-off with someone’s hurdles in life. Do these situations make us forget our worth as we drown in the sorrows of life?

I was listening to a sermon recently and the preacher, in one sentence, got me back to my “gain your worth game”. She said, “Your value should not be determined by how somebody else has treated you”.

Working, living and having different relations with people undoubtedly does build us, break us or even mend us. In a world filled with anger, malice and envy you can expect absolutely anything from totallyunbelievable people. You can be sabotaged, lied to, despised, spat on or treated to a buffet of malice. What is your stand during the unfolding of this fracas? How is your worth being handled and what is your choice of response to other people’s actions?

Many of us fight back, while others end up feeling less worthy as human beings. Many still feel inadequate and the chorus of discouragement is gradually synchronized in that particular aspect or struggle that we are facing in our life. It is therefore vital to know one’s place at work, family and place of work.

My advice: hold on to what is true. You are much more than what life throws at you. Do not let go of your true value and purpose in life, even when put to the test, knowing that letting go may destabilise the vision and purpose for your life.

Also, be perceptive of how and what it is that people speak into your life.

Learn to differentiate between a magma spitting word anda reprimanding one. Sometimes we are being guided and led into the right direction so do not dismiss this as rebuke.

If it is a word of motivation or encouragement, heed to it. However if it is mockery and lies, plug your ears; remember your ability, beauty, success, prosperity and courage!

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