Work hard for 2017

The New Year is here and many of us have written down our resolutions.

But some have written the same resolutions for a number of years in the past and have failed to achieve any. That failure calls for a change in strategy. 

In 2017, you might have to take a few extra steps, including emulating others who have achieved, working hard and smart besides putting God before anything else you do.

The simplest example for you to emulate is the team of people that sat down over two decades ago and drafted a resolution to start Uganda Christian University (UCU). The team knew very well that the resolution was not an easy task to achieve in a country where only one institution, Makerere University, was known to be a university. It’s normal also to think that at one point the team felt like giving up on its resolution but did not.

This year, UCU is celebrating 20 years since it was established and despite the fact that the journey has not been a bed of roses, there are dozens of achievements to count. They include the surge in students’ numbers and attaining a great reputation.

In the same vein, UCU’s top managers sat later and set a resolution to start a medical school and in May it is opening. Isn’t the UCU team worth emulating? 

There are so many other resolutions which have been conceived at UCU including the starting of The Standard newspaper 10 years ago and the CPA and ACCA courses in the Faculty of Business Administration. 

Well, achieving all those resolutions has not been easy but through creativity, being open minded and hard work, the ideas have hatched.  So the New Year has just started and it’s upon each one of us to take count of every minute to achieve our resolutions.

But remember to thank God when you achieve. Giving thanks to God opens up our hands for more blessings. Perhaps your first resolution in 2017 should be thanking God for the little you already have.

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